How Florida Are You

There are many great states in this country but Florida might be one of the greatest. Floridians will probably score well on this quiz but everyone else, not so much.

Are you from Florida? Have you ever stood 5 feet from a dangerous animal? Does 85 degree weather bother you? Can you score well on this quiz? Take this quiz and find out for yourself.

Created by: Chad
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  1. What is Florida also known as?
  2. When was the last time you had been to the beach?
  3. Do you speak or understand Spanish?
  4. Which is not a Florida University?
  5. Do you like tourists?
  6. When was the last time you went to a really good club?
  7. How many hurricanes have you been through?
  8. What is not a Florida Area Code?
  9. What city is Calle Ocho in?
  10. Where is Tom Petty from?
  11. Have you ever taken a skateboard and a garbage bag and skated during a hurricane?
  12. Have you ever eaten wild oranges?
  13. What are the main colors of the Florida flag?
  14. What is Florida's East Coast Highway?
  15. Do you or many of your friends do drugs?
  16. When was the last time you saw a girl in a mini-skirt?
  17. Does your town get more populated every day?
  18. What does 65 degree weather feel like to you?
  19. What is not a Florida County?
  20. Have you ever been 5 feet from an alligator, poisonous snake, or snapping turtle?
  21. What is a water moccasin?
  22. Have you ever eaten at Pollo Tropical?
  23. Have you ever eaten at The Waffle House?
  24. What does 85 degree weather feel like to you?
  25. Have you ever played baseball?
  26. Have you ever surfed?
  27. Which band is not from Florida?
  28. When was the last time you saw someone stickin?
  29. Florida's land geography is what?
  30. You can see the sunset off the water on what coast?
  31. What is argueably the best surfspot in Florida?
  32. What is Florida's state capital?
  33. What is Florida's state bird?
  34. Have you ever purposely given a tourist wrong directions?
  35. What is your home made out of?

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