Are you a South Florida "Local'?

There are many types of people in South Florida. Some who live, work and play, and others who just come and go. Some belong and some don't, so either your a local or your not? In the following quiz there are mostly basic questions about places and things in south Florida

Are you truly a local, or just a transplant from an out of town nowhere? Are you just here to take in the sights drink a beer and then leave? Find out where you fall

Created by: Chris
  1. "The Bucc" is a(n):
  2. What are the two highways used to get to Miami Beach:
  3. "If it bleeds, it leads" is the unofficial motto for this local news station:
  4. Many Stars and Celebs live on this island:
  5. The name of FPL Nuclear Reactor in southern Miami-Dade county is:
  6. 595/Alligator Alley connect these two cities:
  7. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is owned by the:
  8. The Florida Keys are located in this county:
  9. Dolphin Stadium borders these two counties:
  10. "Calle Ocho" is a(n):
  11. The letters L-B-T-S are commonly used to abbreviate this:
  12. LaSpadas is a(n):
  13. Paul and Young Ron have a morning show on this radio station:
  14. The Goodyear blimp is stationed in this city:
  15. "Where Shopping is a pleasure" is the motto for this store:
  16. This shellfish is commonly used to make either fritters or chowder:
  17. This school used to be a Naval Air Station
  18. Iguanas are a type of:

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Quiz topic: Am I a South Florida "Local'?