How Orlandoan are you?

Orlando sees thousands of tourists every year. Most leave, though some have chosen to make it their home. Some have deep roots in the Central Florida community.

Are you a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool Central Floridian? Do you know what it is really like to live in the "happiest place on earth"? Find out now by taking this quiz.

Created by: ZMP
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  1. The "ladies of the night" spend time on this street:
  2. How many Chinese theatres are there in Central Florida?
  3. Which is considered the "fancy" Orlando mall?
  4. If I was looking to get mugged, I'd hang out in this neighborhood:
  5. It's the Fourth of July and you're looking for a place to go. The best place would be:
  6. You're trying to dodge tourists. You'll want to stay off of this road:
  7. You love her, I love her, we all love her:
  8. I've got a bunch of money saved up. I think I'll buy a house in this neighborhood:
  9. You moved to Orlando because you are an avid:
  10. You're traveling from Oviedo to Kissimmee on the Greeneway. What is the minimum you spend on tolls?
  11. Which of these animals are you most likely going to see in your backyard if you live in Central Florida?
  12. Which of these hurricanes didn't affect you?
  13. This football team is going nowhere fast:

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Quiz topic: How Orlandoan am I?