How much of a floridian are you?

There are many types of people out there but Floridians are truly a different breed of human. Floridians have their own unique ways of doing things including driving and dressing.

Are YOU a true Floridian? Do you possess the finest qualities of a floridian? Do you want the prestigious title of being titled a Floridian? Find out here!

Created by: amazon
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  1. The word "Snowbird" to you means:
  2. The word "Cracker" to you means:
  3. I wear ______________ to the beach.
  4. ____________ is the best florida football team.
  5. I drive ______ on the interstate.
  6. I have lived in Florida for _____.
  7. I am of spanish descent. True or False
  8. My typical winter attire is_________.
  9. I am not cold until it is ____ degrees outside.
  10. I go to the beach often. T or F

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Quiz topic: How much of a floridian am I?