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  • This is a really stupid quiz, try checking what other states offer, ask questions that are not racist and take just a little bit of thought. You are playing into a stereotype.

    MovedthankGod Jul 23 '15, 4:28PM
  • Real Floridians don't go to the beach we go to the cold springs.

    d22g Jul 18 '11, 1:12AM
  • 55%. . . oh well. even if ive lived there half my life

    rierieisthree Mar 26 '11, 3:54PM
  • I dnt reelly care that I got 45% because I never lived thare, I've just visited, and my bff, lived thare like, half her life.

    taraisntmyname Mar 26 '11, 3:49PM
  • well i am 53 years old and never lived any where but FL and the quiz said I am 77%... hmm might need some fine tuning

    imapiner Oct 7 '07, 9:11PM

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