How will you die

This say all the ways you can die and it has the cat warrior theme song in English! aint that cool! what do you know.


Created by: deviloflove

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  1. Darkness of white, you can feel the sadness take your flight. You become the wings that less to steel but spread strong into the night.
  2. Pick a tragedy from a story or movie
  3. Through the fights of the love through the hot and burning sun. I was granted freedom take to become the chosen one.
  4. Pick a color
  5. Through the meor night reflected Gratefulness and free! My soul took away the mask that hides the deeper me!
  6. Pick a animal
  7. Bringing the dark of night,through the painted white.All the way from yesterday `til a new members in sight.
  8. Pick a type offood
  9. Unlock the heart within, then spread its wings and soar!
  10. Pick a toy
  11. Rising up the flight through the night of white and fight on forever more!

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Quiz topic: How will I die