80's Cartoon Theme Song Quiz

Are you a child of the 80's? Think that you watched a lot of cartoons as a child? You may have watched a lot of cartoons but how well do you remember their theme songs.

If you think you have what it takes then try matching these 80's cartoon theme song lyrics to their matching cartoon. Now you can find out if you really are an expert at 80's cartoons.

Created by: Victoria
  1. "Who's that comin' from somewhere up in the sky?"
  2. "He's the greatest, He's Fantastic"
  3. "Dance your cares away, worries for another day"
  4. "The worst of the messes, become successes"
  5. "All through the forest, they sing out in chorus"
  6. "Creating history thru the rock n'roll spotlight. We've got a friend who can help us, we can do alright"
  7. "On the sea or on the land, he's got the situation well in hand"
  8. "Each one so special in his own way"
  9. "There's a race to be on top, the competition doesn't stop"
  10. "Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame"
  11. "Living each day, we laugh and we play"
  12. "Where will you wander? Hither and yonder. Letting your heart be your guide"
  13. "Laughter, and good times too"
  14. "Magic Light! Come on take it for a ride"
  15. "Next time you're feeling blue, just let a smile begin"
  16. "So much to see, waiting for you and me"
  17. "It's love that makes her garden grow"
  18. "Feel the magic, hear the Roar"
  19. "The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan"
  20. "They're the worlds most fearsome fighting team"
  21. "There's something weird, and it don't look good"
  22. "And when you add it up, you get a lot of laughs"
  23. "More than meets the eye"

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