Your Hip Hop Theme Song

When Ever We Turn On The TV You See A Tv Show Right Or Movie? The TV Show Always Has Something To Do With The Show Or Movie? It Fits In Good. I always wanted to know where or how did they come up with these theme songs and where did they get them from.

Well In This Quiz You Can Find Out Whats Your Theme Song. This Is A Hip Hop Theme Song. It doesn't matter what kind of hip hop. Hip Hop is Hip Hop North, south, west, east. I know you want to know what your hip hop theme song is.

Created by: Shawn P
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Much Do You Love Money?
  2. Are You The Life Of The Party?
  3. Are You A Chill Person?
  4. What Would You Say Bout Women?
  5. What Do You Love About Life?
  6. Do You Play Sports?
  7. What Kind Food You Like?
  8. Do You Get Out A lot?
  9. Do You Like Your Parents?
  10. Who's Your Favorite Rapper?

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Quiz topic: My Hip Hop Theme Song