Demigod or Mortal

Well, I guess the reason as to why I made this quiz is because the Stoll Brothers (A. K. A Conner and Travis Stoll, Sons of Hermes) found out about my blog (and my wifi) so they told me to make a few quizzes and to put them on my blog so this the first one of many.

Again, like I said, this is the first of many so the quizzes will be linked: Demigod or Mortal ---> Demigod or God ---> Female or Male Godly Parent ---> Your Female/Male Godly Parent (based upon results of last quiz) ---> *BONUS QUIZ* Ferguson Goddess of Annoyance's "How Annoying Are You" Quiz.

Created by: Ferguson Phoebus
  1. You can't walk home from school because...
  2. When it comes to your everyday life, which of these words best describes it?
  3. You've always been connected to something in this word, but you've never known why.
  4. You look a little different from your parent(s) but they've always denied this as if they're trying to hide something.
  5. Let's say for instance, you are faced with a terrible, life-threatening monster (crazy, right, pshhh!!!). You would...
  6. You think the world is out to get you in that not-like-a-teen way, as if it's much bigger than your algebra homework.
  7. Whenever something freaky or odd happens, mist is suddenly around you.
  8. Two Words: Greek Mythology.
  9. Whenever you are around, something bad always happens.
  10. Did you find this quiz on fergusongoddessofannoyancewashereat . Wordpress . Com ? (spaced out cuz they don't allow URLs in the question)?

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