How Well Do You Know The Lightning Thief

hi oh mortal player. if you get everything right you might prove you are a demigod and i will escort you to camp half-blood myself. i you see am a satyr and i need to get you there alive. please dont do anything reckless, stupid, crazy, lightheaded, and completly regretable.

if you prove you are a demigod you may even meet percy. you see the books are true. if you've read them then you know what im talking about. if you havent i warn you. you may think demigods are cool, but being one can get you killed. if you start to get a feeling that somehow you are connected to this quiz STOP IMMEDIATLY. choose wisely. i will lead you through the rest.

Created by: Zach
  1. what is the first monster percy jackson encounters?
  2. Who's car was thrown by the Minotaur?
  3. how old is Percy?
  4. What is the true identity of the pine that marks the border to the camp?
  5. What is the name of the third chapter in the book?
  6. who is scared of spiders?
  7. what does Crusty try to do at the water bed store?
  8. what kind of snake did the chimera have for a tail?
  9. why did Medusa want to turn Percy Jackson into stone?
  10. what is the name of the camp?
  11. what almost got Percy on the rock-wall?
  12. What is Percy's school called.
  13. what is percy's sword named?
  14. what does Ares's sword look like to the mortal's?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Lightning Thief