Demigod. n. a child that was born from a god or goddess with an earthly or mortal parent. Titan-born. n. A demigod born under the exception of titan or titaness parent with a mortal parent

Are you the child of a Titan or of an Olympian. Your starting a quiz to determine whether you're a Titan or a Demigod. Click to find your heiratage and what tou can do

Created by: Thomas Moore.
  1. What kinda weapon would you use
  2. What supernatural abilities would you have that you to use simple answer
  3. Who would you use as a pet
  4. Are you
  5. What is your Heiratage
  6. What's your hobby
  7. Who is your fav rapper
  8. What would your Achilles Heel be
  9. What's your fav book series
  10. Who is your Ancient Hero

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