Is Your House Haunted?

Have you ever wondered what really causes those eery sounds and strange occurrences you home? And are you looking for accurate and somewhat professional help?

Well, be sure to take this short and simple quiz, and get a small glimpse of what you might be dealing with. In this case, answering some questions might be a large sum of your solution.

Created by: shan
  1. How old is your house?
  2. Do you know of any deaths that took place in your home?
  3. Do you hear small noises during the night from strange areas of the house?
  4. Have you ever misplaced something, and months later find it in a place where it would never get to?
  5. If you have animals, how do they act in your house?
  6. Have you ever felt a dramatic temperature drop when you house is fairly warm?
  7. Have you ever heard footsteps or rustling in rooms that are empty?
  8. Do you feel scared at night sleeping alone?
  9. Do most Haunted TV shows match up to your experiences?
  10. Have you had Paranormal Investigators in your home?
  11. Have doors ever opened or closed by themselves?
  12. Have lights been on in rooms when you distinctly remember shutting them off before exiting?
  13. Do you strongly believe your house holds at least one presence or spirit?
  14. Do you believe they are potentially harmful?
  15. Are you prepared for you very accurate and tested results?

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Quiz topic: Is my House Haunted?