What's in the Closet?

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It's important that you read this. This is an adventure quiz. You're at a street and stop at a haunted house, in your hands is a key, given to you by an elderly who believes you're the one who's brave enough to get into the house and find the items in one of the three closets.

Inside the closets, you hear, are valuable items from decades ago, you are in a search to find those items. You walk towards the front door and get your key out *unlocks door* You are now inside.

Created by: lilfreakgryl

  1. Before we start, PLEASE read the two paragraphs. So you're in the doorway and you use the key to open the door, you get inside, which way do you go?
  2. You walk to the area you're heading to, you fall and slip causing things to fall. You get up and hear a noise and start to run. You are now end up in the hallway. Which way do you go?
  3. You are now at a room, in front of you are paintings. You look at the paintings and find out that there are maps behind it. Each map shows different directions to a certain place in the house. Which map do you choose?
  4. You find out that the map was a fraud and that the rest of the maps were the same and you are now trapped in a a small room, small enough to be a closet. But not quite. Anyways, a man comes up to you. "Choose a number" he says.
  5. The man is gone, and you are no longer in the room you were in before. You look around and see that the room is a nursery room. You find a rattle, you pick it up and start to shake it. No noise.
  6. All of the sudden, the rattle starts to float and makes noises. LOUD noises.
  7. "Oh dear, Agatha must be playing that ol' rattle again" you hear an elderly woman say. You look around, no sign of someone. "Look here honey" you turn around and find a ghostly like old lady. "You must leave this house before it's too late." You explain to her that you are trying to find the items in the closets. "No no, you must leave now before it's too laaaaaaaaaate--" and with that the lady is drifted away.
  8. You are now at the stairs still wondering where the three closets are. At the moment you stop and realize that the gates are closing and the room is getting darker. You see candles lighten up all around you and owls at each corner chanting. You try running again, but you fall. An owl comes up to you and pokes you in the head.
  9. "STOP!" you hear a mans voice saying. You turn around, it's the guy in one of those paintings with maps behind it earlier. "Weren't you warned to get out? Now it's too late, you have no choice but to find those closets." You explain to the man that was what you were trying to do. "Close your eyes" he says.
  10. You open your eyes and see that you were in the room you were in before with the man asking you to choose a number. You see that the man is not there anymore. You hear an owl, expecting for there to be more owls from the other room. But instead it's just one. "Choose a number" you hear the man's voice coming from the owl. You gulp.

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