Is your house haunted?

There have been countless cases of haunted houses. Some are hoaxes, some are real. Sometimes, people can't imagine their house being haunted. But when you see a mysterious face in a mirror that's not yours, you'll start to think otherwise!

Take this quiz to truly find out if your house is haunted, houses a few entities, or is totally normal! If you're taking this quiz, there is a good chance there's a spirit in your house. Why else would you be taking this quiz?

Created by: Star_Wars_Fan8
  1. Do you often hear your name when you're alone?
  2. Do you see things out of the corner of your eye?
  3. Do things randomly fall off shelves or move?
  4. Are there often cold spots in your house?
  5. Have you heard unexplained voices or apparitions?
  6. Do you have visions of ghosts, demons, etc.?
  7. Does your house have a history? (Murders, reported happenings, etc.)
  8. If you have pets, do they sometimes bark or some how react to something invisible that you can't see?
  9. If you have security cameras in your house, have they ever captured odd phenomena?
  10. Have you captured orbs on pictures or strange shapes and figures?

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Quiz topic: Is my house haunted?