Do ghosts haunt your house?

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Hello! I made this quiz for people who were interested in if their house was haunted. I didn’t call it “is your house haunted?” because that I wanted a good, original title. Good luck!

Oh, and please answer all the questions truthfully or your results will be messed up. And my quizzes are freakingly accurate. Enjoy, and last reminder: answer the questions truthfully!

Created by: ShadowFigure3000
  1. How old is your house? (If you don’t know, then skip this question)
  2. Do you feel freezing cold or/and boiling hot sometimes?
  3. Do you often feel watched, like something/someone else is here with you (although nobody is, obviously?)
  4. Did you ever hear weird noises (whispering, yelling, crying, growling, etc?)
  5. Do you live with others, or is it just you in your house?
  6. Do you think that ghosts haunt your house? Or are you simply suspicious?
  7. Do you have lots of nightmares about otherworldly creatures?
  8. Did the wind ever whisper your name?
  9. Do you like blood, gore, or ooze?
  10. Oh, this is a very crucial factor: are you a man or a woman?
  11. Did you ever see shadows (or people) from the corner of your eye?
  12. And finally, could you describe this problem as ‘possible, but not certain?’

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Quiz topic: Do ghosts haunt my house?