The Halloween Of Tickles

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Your freind and you go to a haunted house but it has a dark secret can you survive. This quiz is kinda weird please don't judge however creative criticism is fine.

This is my first quiz and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing but I will at least try. In this quiz you are a 16 year old girls name Lily, you and your friends are going to a haunted house. The more nice you are the better.

Created by: ShadyDemon101

  1. It is Halloween and you and your friends are going to a haunted house but it only lets one person in at a time. What do you do
  2. It is soon your turn to go in. When you walk in a man wearing all black leads you to a room. The room has 3 doors. Which one do you choose.
  3. You go through the door. In the room there is a table with chains attached to it. The man leads you to the table and has you lay down.
  4. He talks to you and you calm down. He attaches the chains to your wrists and asks you what you would like to happen.
  5. He hears you answer and starts to tickle you. You scream and beg for mercy for you are very ticklish. He says no and continues tickling you. You then see that he has grown two more arms "I am the tickle demon Azorath, you shall have no mercy" he says as he starts tickling your armpits, belly, thighs and feet. How do you respond.
  6. After 30min he lets you go what is the first thing you say to him.
  7. It was a trap he locks the door. How do you react
  8. He talks to you and asks if you enjoyed his tickling
  9. After you rate his tickling job he unlocks the door. What do you do
  10. After you leave you find your freind then tell them...

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