What Will Your Future House Be

Wondering where you will live in the next few years? Cant decide on what house to look for. This is a great place to start. See what house style bests suits your style.

Do you want a traditional house that fits in with everyone else or do you want something that stands out. Or even a mansion to host the biggest parties of the year. What house will you get!

Created by: wizzyy

  1. How many kids do you want
  2. How many bedrooms would you want
  3. Which of the following occupation would you want to be
  4. What do you do in your free time
  5. How big would you want your house to be
  6. How large would you want your yard to be
  7. Where would your ideal house be
  8. How do you feel about neighbors
  9. Do you plan on throwing parties
  10. Which one of these special rooms would you want to have in your house
  11. What type of pool would you like
  12. What type of kitchen would you like
  13. What city would you want to live in
  14. What attractions would you want to live by
  15. Do you want pets
  16. Would you want a good school system for your kids
  17. Fireplace?
  18. How would you want your master bedroom to be
  19. Who would you want to live with you
  20. What type of flooring would you want
  21. Is natural lighting important to you
  22. Would you want an open floor plan
  23. How would you want your basement to look like
  24. Would you want a maid
  25. How would you want your closet to look like
  26. What color would you want your kitchen
  27. If you had a shed what will you use it for
  28. What word best describes you
  29. How would you describe the style you dress
  30. Whats your favorite type of weather

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