What Hogwart house would you be in?

[Sorry about the typo I made in the title, really >>] I will not introduce the whole concept of this test as you've surely already taken one similar. My goal here, however, was to create something a little more refine that the average "what's your Hogwarts house" quiz where half the houses are deemed bad and your favourite flavour of ice cream supposedly influence your results. Parts of this test are based on my interpretation of the houses, but I tried to keep everything canon compliant.

Your result might not be obvious from the start, as most questions tip the scales in favour of more than one house; some questions even have more than one answer per house. Enough talk, though, I hope your result will be satisfying and feel actuate :)

Created by: Azelanne
  1. Which do you value the most?
  2. If your previous answer was "actions" : In a time of war, would you rather
  3. If your previous answer was "ideas" : ultimately, knowledge is
  4. When do you feel at your best?
  5. Do you consider yourself above influences in general?
  6. What should define your life?
  7. Do you usually enjoy forming relationships?
  8. In time, what is the most important?
  9. In periods of need, what are you the most thankful for?
  10. What are your thoughts on chivalrous romance?
  11. Should one work to make the world a better place?
  12. Do you need to be prompted to feel the need to carry out something?
  13. Is there such a thing as "true love", that saunters to life in adversity and never tarnishes?
  14. Can anything justify collateral damage?
  15. Would you rather receive or give?
  16. Should one want power?
  17. Should one change themselves in the name of society?
  18. What house do you wish to be in?
  19. Is there any house you do not want to be in?

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