how worthy are you to work at the haunted forest

There are many scary people, but few true haunts. what is a haunt exactally. a haunt is someone who is motivated to make someone screem for fun. and see the world from a new point of veiw.

Are you a true haunt? Do you have the talant to make some one screem there head off? Do you have what it takes to work at the haunted forest. untill now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Josh
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you know what city in utah the haunted forest is in
  2. how many times have you been to the haunted forest.
  3. what was the newest edition to the haunted forest in 2007
  4. what color is the jason room
  5. what are your favorite sounds
  6. what is your favorite kind of movie
  7. would you work for
  8. do you think you are worthy to be one of us and work at the haunted forest.
  9. do you know what other haunted hoise is the haunted forest's partner.
  10. What county is the haunted forest in
  11. what do you walk under at the enterence of the haunted forest

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Quiz topic: How worthy am I to work at the haunted forest