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  • "One direction"
  • Hello?
    "Aww ur sick! Srry"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
  • ello!!!
    "Ur psychic!"
  • ello!!!
  • xDDDDD
    "Oh I don't know her."
  • ello!!!
    "I'm a her."
  • xDDDDD
    "Oh so what's her name?"
  • ello!!!
    "Worst day ever. My day is always bad before fri the 13 then I have a good day on the 13 th"
  • xDDDDD
    "How did he meet her?"
  • ello!!!
    "Um okay"
  • ello!!!
    "Seriously, you should just forget about my sister. That's tammy. I'm Taylor. Were two different people."
  • xDDDDD
    "Oh. Cute."
  • xDDDDD
    "Like did they have like some kind of traditional ceremony but like on the Internet?"
  • ello!!!
    "Mom not mon"

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