The Haunted House Quiz 2

Hi I'm Katniss11. Please take my other quiz The Haunted House Quiz first. This is another part to that. Please enjoy my quiz! I hope you have fun!!!!!

So can you survive the dangers of the hotel? Can you live all the way through or will you die or be trapped forever? Find out! Please comment and rate when you're done.

Created by: Katniss11
  1. You are in a huge hotel that is said to be haunted. You go exploring and start in the lobby where a man sits. He says, "Hi I'm Eric...You must be ______, I was expecting you." You say...
  2. Regardless of what you said Eric says, "Julia told me you were coming. Come with me." What do you do?
  3. If you said answer #1 or #4 Eric kills you skip to end. If you went with Eric he takes you to a back room and does a weird handshake with a pretty lady. Then he says to her "This is ______, she's the...One." You say...
  4. Regardless of what you said, Eric grabs you and so does Julia. What do you do?
  5. If you did answer #3 or #4 they killed you, skip to end. If you ran or flipped them, you turned around and they weren't there. You leave the room and run to the diner. You see a Ouija Board sitting in the middle of the floor. You pick it up and set it on a table. You know you're supposed to have two people but you do it by yourself and before you ask a question it spells out, "I'm coming for you." You...
  6. If you said answer 2 you are dead, skip to end. If you said 1 then you enter the elevator. You see a mirror hanging on the wall and you look in. Then you see Eric and Julia behind you. What do you do?
  7. If you did answer 1 or 2 you're dead, skip to end. If you broke the mirror those spirits are gone. You get off on your floor and go to your room. You see a weeping woman on the balcony. You...
  8. If you comforted her she moves on to the next life. You are dead otherwise, skip to end. After she moves on, you leave your room and go to the pool. You see a little boy sitting with his legs sticking into the pool. Then you see a man in black push him in. What do you do?
  9. If you said #1 he kills you, skip to end. If you rescued the boy he moves on. You enter the stairwell and a man sits there. You sit down next to him. He says, "Move on three more spirits." So you leave and go up the stairs. You go to the top floor and the lights are off. You look under a bed and you see glowing red eyes. A black cat comes out and a woman follows. She has gray hair down to her waist. She thrusts the cat at you. What do you do?
  10. If you said #1 or #4 then you are dead skip to end. The woman moves on and you go two floors down and you see a little girl there. She has rope around her neck and it's dragging on the floor. She reaches out her hand for you to hold. What do you do?
  11. If you said #2 or #3 then she kills you, skip to end. The spirit moves on and you get your things and leave the hotel when a bellboy accidentally pushes you into a staff elevator. It takes you to a cellar where you see three doors. Which do you take?
  12. If you took #1 or #2 you are dead, skip to end. You go down a hallway and you see a laundry room. You walk around many hampers and a little boy pops out of one and hugs you. What do you do?
  13. Thanks for taking my quiz! Did you like it?

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