Which Victorian Woman Are You?

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Not every woman in Victorian England was an upright woman in a lace collar. From industrial London to the pastoral countryside, Victorian women surprise us with their lifestyle choices, secrets, and choices.

Are you the ideal Victorian woman? Are the angel in house, or something a bit more sinister? Take this quiz to find out which of our favorite characters from Victorian literature best represent you!

Created by: The Lucys of Lady Victorian Archetypes
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  1. Is your name Lucy?
  2. Have you ever tried killed anyone?
  3. Have you ever lived in a foreign country?
  4. Do you prefer the city or country?
  5. Do you desire the ideal Victorian marriage and lifestyle?
  6. Are you familiar with the newest technological devices, like phonographs and typewriters?
  7. Has your family fallen on hard times?
  8. How are you with animals?
  9. Are you a virgin?
  10. Do you ever suffer from symptoms of madness, i.e.- nerves, hereditary conditions?
  11. Are you an orphan?
  12. Are you the model of domestic propriety. i.e. the Angel of the House?
  13. Are you true to your personal morals?
  14. How family oriented are you?
  15. Do you live up to what you represent?
  16. Do people often question who you are – i.e. mistake you for your sister, or an alias?
  17. Can you sympathize with the new woman?
  18. What is your social status?
  19. Can you think for yourself or do you follow along?
  20. Are you a clever lady?

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Quiz topic: Which Victorian Woman am I?