The Haunted House Quiz

Hi there internet peoples! My name is Katniss11 and I would like you to take my quiz and do good but most importantly have fun! Do a good job! I know nobody is gonna read this.

I really don't care what I put here because nobody reads it. Just skip this and take the quiz already!! I wanna try to waste space cuz I hate this poo

Created by: Katniss11

  1. You are walking down the street with a group of friends on Halloween. You walk by an old Victorian house. They dare you to go in. What do you say?
  2. If you chose to stay out skip the following questions and go to the end. You pick someone to go with you. Who?
  3. You enter the house and you hear the floor creak. A floor board breaks and you take a quick hop over it. You go to the kitchen and see a woman. She says, "A visitor. Nice to meet you," and reaches out her hand for you to shake. What do you do?
  4. If you slapped it away she stabbed you with her kitchen knife so skip to the end. If you left the room fall through the floor and the impact killed you. If you said either of the other answers she says "I'm Cynthia, I need your help to pass on to the next life, make it to the end of the garden and your mission is over and that's the only way you can leave. Go upstairs to start your quest." You go upstairs and see some doors which one do you pick?
  5. If you chose the blood or moon you are dead so skip to the end. If you chose the cross or sun you are lead to a hallway with a girl sitting in a windowsill crying. If you chose the water or cloud you are led to an attic with a crying boy. What do you do?
  6. If you said the first or last answer the child says "My name is Carolyn." if it's the girl. If it's a boy he says, "Tommy." If you chose the other two answers you are dead. Skip to the end if you died.
  7. If you left you are dead skip to the end. If you chose any of the other three answers they said, "I need a friend, nobody was nice to me so I need somebody to love me."
  8. If you said no or ditched them you're dead skip to the end. If you said yes they say, "I'll help you. Let's go!" They lead you into a living room where an old lady sits she says, "The dark is always light with a friend." You say...
  9. If you said answer #1 then she killed you skip to the end. If you said any other answer she said, "In the garden and cellar you will find answers." You leave to go to the cellar. You see a noose made of chain hanging up and a puddle of blood on the floor. You hold onto your friend and turn and look at Carolyn/Tommy. They tell you it's all okay. There are doors ahead, what do you choose?
  10. If you chose the teardrop you are dead, skip to the end. If you chose the cross you see a staircase and go down. If you chose the sun you see a corridor. Regardless of what you chose you are lead to a hallway. Which way do you go?
  11. If you went left you get trapped and die, skip to the end. If you chose right or straight you are in the garden when your friend disappears. You ask Carolyn/Tommy if they know where he is. They say, "Oh no, Maria took him!" You say. . .
  12. Regardless of what you chose they say, "We can't not till the end of the garden. You reach the garden and begin to run you see a maze and choose which way?

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