Would You Survive a Night in a Haunted House?

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You are going to a haunted house. Oh my my!!!!!!!!!! Will you survive the haunted house????? Do you think you can? You might. Believe in yourself! Believe in me, cuz I.....I don't know!!

Blow me one last kid!!! That sounded weird, right? Anyway, do YOU wanna go into this haunted house??? In a few minutes you probably end up doing. And at the end of those few minutes, you'll find your answer if you can live and survive in a haunted house!

Created by: Kaitlyn

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  1. Your friends, Sadie, Chris, Vicky, Xavier, Joy, and Molly are wandering around. You see a haunted house. What do you do?
  2. Your friends decide to go in. You...
  3. Even if you back out, your friends bribed you enough, and you went in. The first thing you do is...
  4. You hear someone open a door. Sadie then runs upstairs. You....
  5. "Look! A triangle pointing left!" Vicky points to a triangle on the wall that seems to point left. What do you do?
  6. You go left, and blood is all over the floor!
  7. A door magically appears in front of you. You go in it and feel something brush past you.
  8. Inside the door, you see a bloody knife. Then, you hear someone whispering "get out!" In your ear. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a figure. You.....
  9. You keep walking, and you appear to be in a long, dark hallway. White figures are going across to each room.
  10. Once you're at the end of the hallway, you see a door. Good. You think. All of a sudden, you see plates falling off a table.
  11. Molly then suddenly rises in the air! She turns bright red and comes after you.
  12. Molly turns back to normal after a few minutes. But then, that same ghost you saw before was stabbing Xavier!!! Poo!!!
  13. Xavier died!! But now the ghost is after you!
  14. All of a sudden, you faint!!! It goes black. You think you made it out. Did you?
  15. Thanks for taking the quiz!!!!

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