Are you being haunted

Around the world people have been claiming that their house is haunted but only some houses are truly haunted and this test can prove it because this test is scary accurate ive had my sister the phisican no her house was haunted by evil demons she took my test and it said yes 100%

Is your house haunted this test is scary accurate so if you want to know this is the most accurate test you can take to see if your house is truly haunted

Created by: mya403

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  1. have things in your house ever been aranged diffrently
  2. has your pet (if you hav one) been acting strangly or unnatrual since you moved in this house
  3. have you ever seen solid figures in your house or transparent figures in your house
  4. have you ever been to someones house and the air has felt lighter and more breathable
  5. cats have been none to sleep over 10 hours for a regular day has your cat been sleeping under 2 hours a day and have incredible energy
  6. have you ever gotten strange cuts randomly when you didnt cause them
  7. has a parolnormal hunter ever been to your house and said it was haunted
  8. does you house ever had any murderess history or any other history that has to do with death at your house
  9. do you ever feel unsafe in your house
  10. have you had strange unrealy dreams since you moved at this house
  11. have you ever heard voices in your house or near other rooms and call 911 and figured out that nothing or none was there anyway
  12. have you ever had a wigi board used it and got a reply back to your question
  13. have you ever invited a friend over and he / she strted acting strangly or wanted to get out as soon as possible
  14. this will not count okay, if you have ever went in your yard found a bone or someting else and ever since then your house feel unrealy PUT IT BACK THATS THE PROBLEM yoiu took something from a spirit and you have awakened it also a reminder PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT
  15. have you had incredible helth and then when you moved to this hous egotten a disease you have already been treated for and got the shot to provent it

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Quiz topic: Am I being haunted