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  • FYI some of the things i experience
    *stra nge voice calling my name

    *transparent figure that looks like a little girl with pigtails

    *not so transparent figure that looks like a little girl with a horribly evil face (i think she might b a deamon)

    *sudden chills
    *horrible gory dreams
    *sudden urge to kill others/myself

    *sra tches/cuts i dont know where they came from

    *pain like pinching when nobody's there
    *family dog barks at supposedly nothin
    most recently...

    *knock s on doors (when i ask whos there i dont hear an answer or footsteps going nearer or away)

    *sudden opening doors
    *feeling watched when im in teh bathroom

  • Thank you so much! this was extremely helpful! The new house we moved to has had some really negative things going on ever since we got here a few months ago. I'd never been in a haunted place before, but I had done some research on the subject, and I started to have suspicions.

    I knew it! my house is totally haunted!

  • This quiz got it right. I am! I saw a demon and a white faced boy looking at me. A saw white feet walk my floor and take my phone to the living room.


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