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Lucy Rascal
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  • Rock
    "I have good tastes, we all do"
  • Rock
    "All types of rock"
  • Childhood stories
    "I was clumsy and weak before? Now just plain weird."
  • My thoughts
    "And yes, I read all your posts. About you wanting to be Sephiroth… you getting vertigo… booring"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Yes, that’s what I said. Now fine, the question you wanted to hear: who is Teatime?"
  • My thoughts
    "Um, yeah, I am eleven, but not underage"
  • My thoughts
    "Lord Sephiroth why did you say that?!"
  • My thoughts
    "Spinkled Spice, I didn’t say anything sorry."
  • No Subject
    "I need looove"
  • ....
  • Renovation
    "Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to see how people are doing renovations. You can also share tips. Thanks!"
  • The Recipe Book
    "Vegetable salad - Broccoli - Celery - Avocado - Lemon juice - Tomato"
  • "Twilight Breaking Dawn 2"
  • Will Russia really win?
  • "Phones are very unconcentrated."

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