How nice are you?

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No, I don’t care about the outside. What’s in your heart is what truly matters, remember that! So this quiz will open up what’s in your heart and you will discover who you are!

Also, this isn’t my first quiz, but I hope it will turn out as the best one. If you like it, please comment after you’ve done! Thanks, dear friend! (Just kidding)

Created by: Lucy Rascal

  1. An old man knocks at your door and begs for food. The next day, he leaves without saying thanks. What do you say!
  2. I glared at jacob’s anxious half-angry expression. His eyes were locked on….
  3. At school, you are ordered to do a mathematical test. You know all the answers-it’s too easy. So you….
  4. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the sky so high, like a diamond in the….
  5. You find a pile of dirty rags in your garden….
  6. Eventually, the rags turn out to conceal a baby, you….
  7. So sorry, you absolutely must marry a guy so you choose….
  8. He asks you if you can have kids, begs you really- you start doubting this man.
  9. He wants kids so desperately, you end up getting pregnant two months after the wedding.
  10. You turn out to have a very energetic little boy. His toys are plentiful.
  11. And finally, what do you name the boy? (Or do you name him?)

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?