Do You Care About Others?

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Have you ever found yourself asking, "Do I really care about anything other than myself?" If so, take this short quiz to see if you really do have a heart of gold or a lump of coal beating inside you.

Do you have the caring compassion of the many famous people that have sought to make this world a better place or are you just infamous at heart? Take this quiz and in a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: forquilombo of Middleof the Pacific
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  1. If you were given $50 and told that you could only keep what you did not share with a stranger how much would you give away?
  2. If you witnessed someone slip and fall your first reaction would be to:
  3. If you were trying to talk to someone who was busy doing something before you walked up to talk to them, would you
  4. You only donate to those in need around the holidays?
  5. As far as the environment goes...
  6. If someone shared personal information with me I would...
  7. When I do something nice for others I...
  8. When others negatively criticize you your first reaction is to...
  9. A total stranger of an ethnicity other than your own does something to offend you and you...
  10. You come across a bag on your way to a job interview and, after assessing the situation (by being nosy), you discover it is filled with $75,000 you...

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Quiz topic: Do I Care About Others?