Are you a True AWOG Fan?

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Hello! Welcome to the "Are you a true AWOG fan?" quiz! AWOG stands for Amazing World of Gumball by the way. Keep in mind that the results may not be fully accurate, so stay positive!

There's a beating heart in everything,Except lawyers, zombies, and jellyfish.Look inside yourself internet,And think you see that you are being childish.You're adding sombreros and lasers,To a kid who looks like he was tasered.You laugh about it thinking it's funny,But is it, internet, is it really?

Created by: Ava
  1. What is Gumball's dad's name?
  2. What name does Darwin call his dad?
  3. What color is Darwin's shoes? (Main color)
  4. Who are Quattro Pepperoni and Siciliana Pepperoni's son? (Hint:The parents are pizza heads)
  5. Who paints the future?
  6. Who's the Watterson's GRUMPY neighbor?
  7. What's the mailman's fake name?
  8. What's the mailman's REAL name?
  9. What word does EVERY AWOG episode title include? (Except for holiday specials)
  10. Who is Darwin's TRUE girlfriend? (He's a player, so make sure to double check your answer)
  11. What color are Gumballs's shoes?
  12. Leslie is a...
  13. Who's all about his milkshakes? (Difficult c;)
  14. What is the evil turtle's name?
  15. Did you look that last question up? Be honest :)
  16. What is Anais's stuffed animal's name?
  17. If you're ready, click "I'm ready!" (Make sure to click the right one!)

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Quiz topic: Am I a True AWOG Fan?