How Self-Confident Are You?

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This quiz will hopefully accurately tell you if you have confidence in yourself. Hopefully you do! Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter what others think, so do not let that change how confident you are.

You are amazing and always will be (Don’t let me influence your results!) and please play this quiz! Keep on mind that it won’t be fully accurate, because there aren’t a ton of questions.

Created by: Loretta
  1. Before I begin, how confident do YOU think you are?
  2. Do you care about what you wear?
  3. Do people make fun of you?
  4. Are you a nerd, jock, trendy, or emo person?
  5. Does your hair look nice?
  6. Are you pretty or handsome?
  7. Do you have friends?
  8. Are you ugly?
  9. How often do people say you smell bad?
  10. Have people ever plugged their ears when you speak?
  11. Do you feel your voice sounds strange?
  12. Do you care about what people think of you?
  13. Do you care of what you think of you?
  14. Do you struggle with money?
  15. Do you feel you need to wear makeup (For girls, click “I’m a boy” if you are a boy)?
  16. Are you popular at all?
  17. Do you bring a hairbrush or comb to work or school?
  18. Do you ever shower more than once a day?
  19. Do you have a good personality?
  20. Before you get your results, remember that if you are self-confident or not, you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what other think of you and you don’t have to change yourself!

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