How long will you survive the haunted house?

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Lots of people say they can survive scary things and it's not their fault. They want to appear brave and clever but few have the wit. I hope you have fun!

As I stated few people have the wit to actualy defeat something stronger than they are. A perfect example would be this quiz. You are fighting against a hungry vampy.

Created by: Kayla

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  1. Your on the computer on day when a pop-up says "I'm coming for you".
  2. You are asleep one night when you hear a crash coming from the stairs.
  3. After the noise someone (unlocks your door with difficulty) steps into your room.
  4. Whatever you did, you pass out and when you wake up your on a red velvet couch (quite dusty too) And there's a person in the corner.
  5. The guy turns around and looks at you "I've been expecting you. I had one of my servants pick you up."
  6. He laughs and for the first time you notice how cute he is. He's your definition of hot. "I know one thing. You are bueatiful."
  7. He guides you to a room filled with other girls. Most of them ignored him and smiled at you. He kisses your hand "See ya. Robert, guard the door."
  8. You ask one of the girls if she saw him and said who. One other girl pipes up and says she likes his red hair (to you he has black hair)
  9. It eventualy is clear that he is a charming vampire and would like nothing more than to eat the people he has gathered.
  10. If you didn't say be mine say be mine agian. He asks you to marry him
  11. You say no and he get angry and locks you in a room.

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Quiz topic: How long will I survive the haunted house?