What Magical Weapon Will Choose You?

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Imagine that you are a warrior in a universe different then our own. You have lived an ordinary life; or as ordinary a life as one can life in a land of magic. Scattered around the world are the 4 weapons of power: The Glowing Sword, The Bow of Mist, The Dagger of Darkness, and the Frozen Axe. Each one represents a certain kind of heart and spirit. Different people have owned each weapon of power through the centuries, but when the wielders die, the sword chooses another holder, and they are brought together through fate.

Now imagine you are one of the people that was chosen to be the holder of one of these powerful weapons. Which one would be the one to choose you? Which represents your kind of energy, your way of fighting? This quiz is more than just something that's cool to imagine and play, although it is that too. It may end up teaching you a little about yourself.

Created by: Fierce
  1. Imagine yourself in the midst of your final battle, the one that will forever decide your fate. You are fighting your worst enemy, and they have come try and defeat you you in your final battleground. Every attack could be the last. This is it, the moment everything has led up to. Now, close your eyes and picture yourself here, fighting, defending. Look around and tell me: where are you? Then, after you know, choose the option closest to your answer.
  2. Continue to imagine your battle in your head, and feel yourself. Feel how you fight, feel your strategy, your strength. Describe in your mind how you are fighting and what your methods are, and then read the options and choose the closest one.
  3. Now I want you to fight just for a little longer in your mind, closing your eyes to better see the world you are in. Now, I want you to tell me: what are you fighting for? Make sure you know the answer firmly in your heart before seeing the possible choices and choosing the closest one.
  4. Your battle draws to a close, and you defeat your enemy at last. Picture it, picture their defeat in your mind's eye, picture exactly what you do. Then tell me, what was your final move? Know it, then choose the closest option.
  5. Now, I want you to imagine something new. You have been bestowed upon you a set of armor, the most perfect you could ask for. It's as if it was created out of your soul, as if it was crafted just for you. Picture it in your mind's eye, then chose the option closest to it.
  6. You put on the beautiful armor, and suddenly you feel...different. Stronger, lifted, like the best possible version of yourself. You feel a glow inside of you, and realize that an aura is surrounding you, lifting you, your soul gleaming out of you. Picture this, and think: what color is this aura? As usual, decide, then check the possible answers.
  7. Now, look at the person who gave you the armor. Who are they? You can take a little while to think about it before looking down and choosing an answer.
  8. As the magic of the armor flows through you, you realize that it's not just your imagination. You are more powerful than you ever have been. Suddenly, you know the armor has magic and has given you a power you have only ever dreamed of. You know in your heart what that power is. What is it? Feel the answer pulsing through you, and then choose the closest option.
  9. I'm going to close off this quiz on a simpler note. Which of these is most important in a person?
  10. I hope you enjoyed answering my questions! I have just one more for you. Are you ready to see your result? *drumroll*

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