What Weapon Would Be Best For You?

All great heroes have a main weapon, a weapon that was made for them. It can be a knife, a sword, a bow, even magic! All they need to do is figure out what it is...

You may have a question in your mind: What is the perfect weapon for me? I can help you answer that! Just answer the questions and find out what deadly weapon to put on your Christmas list this year!

Created by: Skyler
  1. What is your best trait?
  2. What trait would you LIKE to have?
  3. Which type of weapon would you rather have?
  4. Which of these animals do you think would be the best in a fight?
  5. Do you believe in magic?
  6. How much do you value speed?
  7. How much do you value strength?
  8. How much do you value bravery?
  9. Is it better to have many small traits or one amazing trait?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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