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  • Dagger of Darkness. Beautifully made quiz, so very accurate.

    Savage Demon Aug 26 '18, 9:34pm
  • But yeah, this is a truly beautiful quiz. Its worded so perfectly, the scenarios so moving. Gorgeous names. Its so poetic, and don't worry if people say they hate it (FireyDeath4 I'm looking at you), because I think you just need to know from me that this is an incredible quiz. Well done. :D

    Darkestfox09 Aug 14 '18, 10:51pm
  • Dagger of Darkness

    Darkestfox09 Aug 14 '18, 10:49pm
  • I got the Bow of Mist! Cool!!!

    Forestflame Jul 29 '18, 6:48pm
  • Frozen Axe! What a great quiz. My favorite by far!

    jojowolf43 Jul 14 '18, 4:15am
  • Wow! What a great quiz. I got the bow of mist!

    hermiones12 May 25 '18, 6:25pm
  • Perfect, I got my choice weapon, my second choice weapon and my fourth choice weapon. You know "wea" in Shoshone Native American means "woman", no idea if "pon" means anything, but out of all the movies and books I've ever read I think Tris Prior is who I am most like. Any way, my results:

    Bow of Mist: 77%
    Sword:50 something %
    Frozen Axe: 17%
    Dagger of Darkness:0%
    I think dagger should've been my axe because i'm good at throwing daggers, and at the upwards stab, but not so good at throwing axes. I'm excellent with a bow, and a sword.

    TrisKatnissElisa May 4 '18, 10:44am
  • That was good bugs though

    Mirapuppy Apr 23 '18, 10:26pm
  • Oh but I got the Dagger of Darkness and that's really fitting

    FireyDeath4 Apr 5 '18, 9:15pm
  • Elsa is the most derogatory word in all of the Box and that person isn't even real. Plus, I have fire powers. I can use them as if they were any power and you know what? SCREW IT ALL. I'm just going to dislike this. I've had enough.

    FireyDeath4 Apr 5 '18, 9:14pm