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  • Venting Thread
    "What video game was it? (I know, super random)"
  • Venting Thread
    "You've never disapointed me once."
  • Venting Thread
    "I'm so freaking sorry"
  • Venting Thread
    "I'm still novice, it sucks."
  • Venting Thread
    "Lets be honest, everyone failing academicaly tho. Like how i realized 2+2=4 yesterday. MIND BLOWN XD"
  • Venting Thread
    "Sending u a virtual hug in 3... 2... 1..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Math homework is THE WORST its so frusterating!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Venting Thread
    "XD Thats hilarious!"
  • Venting Thread
    "Ha XD He sounds awesome!"
  • Venting Thread
    "Hey, when your family is trash turn to your friends. Unless your friends are jerks, like mine are half the time, if they are then turn"
  • Venting Thread
    "Okee, thanks I'll tell my parents that!"
  • Venting Thread
    "I've had a bunny before. I think I took good care of him. My parents say its 'cuz dogs are expensive, but I have enough money!"
  • "Okee."
  • "Black Widow, even though I never watch Marvel."
  • Venting Thread
    "I TRIED that, my parents still won't let me! They are SO ANNOYING!!!!!"

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