What Genre is Your Book?

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This is my third quiz. Are you writing a book? If so, what genre is it classified into? This quiz will accurately determine what genre your novel rests in. There are many genres not listed here, and this only covers fiction. But please enjoy my quiz, I worked hard on it!

There are five genres that you can get in this quiz: Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Science Fiction, Romance, and Horror. As I said before, there are many more genres. Action/Adventure, Realistic Fiction, Dystopian, Western, and many more.

Created by: DakotaWolf_917
  1. Are you excited about this quiz?
  2. What do you want readers to experience after they read your book?
  3. What kind of descriptive words do you use in your novel?
  4. Is your book safe for kids?
  5. What color would best describe your book?
  6. Which of the following books are most similar to yours? (If you haven't heard of the book before, look it up)
  7. How much action does your novel have? (scale of 1 to 3, 3 the most)
  8. Which author do you most familiarize with?
  9. (Filler question #1) How many pets do you have? (will not affect your score)
  10. (Filler question #2) How much do you like to read? (will not affect your score)

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