Which Book Genre Fits You Best?

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There are some big readers in this world. And hopefully you are one of them! Take this quiz to find out what type of genre you would like best and even get some book suggestions!

Have fun taking this quiz and be sure to answer honestly for an honest answer! Comment your results and/or whether you like this quiz or not! Thanks!!

Created by: thestralblade
  1. You walk into a costume shop. Which costume do you choose?
  2. You are presented with six items. You can only have one. Which do you choose?
  3. Which is your favorite subject?
  4. Do you ever think about what humans might be like in the future?
  5. Do you like magic?
  6. Do you like outer space and/ or robots?
  7. Do you like solving mysteries?
  8. Do you like reading comics?
  9. Do you like learning about the past?
  10. Do you like learning about real life situations?

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