Are You Being Haunted?

Do creepy, unexplainable things ever happen to you? Do things move on their own? Do lights flicker on and off? If so, it could be because you're living side-by-side with the dead.

Does it seem like you're being haunted? Are you afraid ghosts follow you? Do odd things happen when you're home alone? Take this short quiz and find out.

Created by: Fallout3
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  1. Do you ever feel like people are watching you when you're alone?
  2. Have you ever seen an inanimate object move by itself?
  3. Have you ever been by yourself and heard footsteps or doors slamming?
  4. Do you ever see flashes of black and white shapes out of the corner of your eye?
  5. Do you ever see ghosts?
  6. Has anyone close to you ever died?
  7. Have you ever felt something that you couldn't see touch you?
  8. Have you ever been sure you put something in one place then found it later in another place?
  9. Do your pet(s) ever have strange behavior, such as staring/barking at something that isn't there, getting scared and hiding for no reason, or running away from something you can't see?
  10. Has the room you're in ever suddenly become much colder?

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Quiz topic: Am I Being Haunted?