Is Your House Haunted?

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Dearest quiz taker, My name is Disturbed. I make quizzes to show paranormal and creative interest." Keep an eye out for my next quiz "How Psychic Are You?"

Is Your House Haunted? Take this quiz to figure out if it is. If you have a question or just want to say something about the quiz please leave a comment. Please rate, also. I love feedback!

Created by: Disturbed

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  1. Do you feel as if a person is near you, when you're alone?
  2. Have you seen an apparition or any manifestation of a spirit?
  3. Have you heard any unexplained noises?
  4. Do you feel watched?
  5. Do you feel cold spots or drafts?
  6. Are you having strange nightmares or visions?
  7. Do you sometimes see flashes of miscellaneous things? (In front or in corner of your eyes.)
  8. Do you see objects move, or fall without any one touching them?
  9. Do your fingers throb or tingle at miscellanous times?
  10. Do you know if someone died in your house? Or did a family member or friend who was really close to you die? (Me: If someone did die whom you cared for, I give my respects and I am sorry for your loss.)

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Quiz topic: Is my House Haunted?