to have it all part 1

Hi welcome to part one of my series, to have it all. I know its a bad name for a love series, but I hope you like it. I spent and entire hour straight on this. So I hope it's good

Usually, this will be a recap of what happened last time, but for now I will ask for comments and ratings. I wanna see how good or bad I am at this. If I get good comments, I know I'm doing good and continue. Have fun!!!

Created by: astrogirl
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  1. Lets first tell you how to do this first. When there is a blank, you fill it with your name. And you live in California.
  2. So you have a house in a cove. It is surrounded by woods, but has stone steps down to a small beach cove with the ocean lapping the sand. Your sitting there when....
  3. A rustle comes from the woods. You ignore it. Its windy anyway. But then, you feel a napkin around your mouth, and ropes all around you. The napkin has something in it that knocks you out cold. You can only see blackness.
  4. Next you know is that three hot guys are looking at you with concern. You're on a queen sized bed and you don't know what's going on. There was a small hushed buzz about something. All you caught was Fez and Kent.
  5. When they see you looking at them the get quiet. You break the silence by saying...
  6. Relax one guy says. He has tan skin, Green eyes, and a blond crew cut. You start to look at the others ( if you cried you wipe tears away before looking at the others) Crew cut was at your left side. At the end of the bed was a guy sitting in a chair. He had medium dark brown hair that was like Adam from maroon 5, and had brown puppy dog eyes. He was tan like the first guy. To your right was a guy just standing there with his head down. His hair was almost black, and it fell into his face with his dark blue eyes and skin almost as tan as the others. All were very muscular.
  7. Hi, um I'm _____. "I'm Ben." The guy with the puppy dog eyes says. "I'm Chris." Crew cut says. " Seth." The long hair one mumbles. He doesn't move.
  8. You sit up and try to stand up. All guys stop you. LET ME GO! You say loudly. "No you need to rest." Ben says. You ignore him, and continue to struggle. "STOP!" Chris tells you firmly. You wince a bit at the harshness which gives them time to push you back on the bed. They hold you there as you struggle for a few minutes. You finally stop. They let go and you try to get up again. The same thing happens. Then, you give up, and just lie there looking irritated. You turn over, and fall asleep.
  9. You dream about home and the beach. And then you switch dreams to the guy you like in the dream you kiss. You suddenly wake up. No one is there. You just sit.
  10. You decide to stand up. As soon as you do, you feel dizzy and fall on the floor. Apparently really loud. The guys come up to your room immediately, and put you back on the bed. " Why can't I stand?" You whimper. "____, you can't stand beacause of what happened to you." Seth said. He said it in an annoyed way that kinda hurt you. You were also surprised because this was the first thing he said science his name. "Well, what happened?" You ask.
  11. Ben tells the story. " Well you were kidnapped." He says. " By who?"
  12. Ben continues. " Two guys named Fez and Kent"
  13. "WHY?" you ask. "Well, your special," Ben says. "They need something from you."
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!! this is how I'll end all the quizzes. Who do you like?

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