Somehow They're Alive~Finale/Epilogue

Well, this is the finale and the epilogue. I hope that you like it as much as you did the finale for "Somehow I'm Alive". Because this is the ending...

of my series I've decided to dedicate this whole thing to Ryan and Jaslina. I've really enjoyed writing this series. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading it! :D

Created by: Topaz
  1. ***Ryan's Point of View~Three Weeks Later~California, USA*** I smile happily as I walk down the street to Jaslina's house. At first I was going to drive, but the morning sunshine looked so beautiful that I decided to walk. If Jaslina agrees to spend the day with me as I've planned then I don't think she'll mind walking a couple of blocks to my house to get to my car. In fact, she quite enjoys taking walks. That's just one of the many things to love about her. Also, I can't help but be happy that they found Josephine. Who knew that it'd be Audrey?! Well, in all honesty, the first time I saw Audrey her nose and her eyes did remind me a lot of Jaslina's. So I guess that we all could've expected it in a way. Even if my own family has completely fallen apart, I'm still overjoyed to see Jaslina's family back together again. Maybe one day her family can also be mine. Most likely I won't ask her today, but maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day. I just know that I can't let the girl I love get away from me. So I know that I will ask her and soon. Finally, Jaslina's house comes into view. Running my hand over my thick, black hair, I step up my pace as I near it. Before entering the gate I stand there staring for a few minutes. Then I continue toward it, never feeling happier in my entire life.
  2. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Sunlight reflects through the window of the back door and onto the shining tiled floor as I work at the stovetop cooking breakfast. Mom and dad are still asleep and so is my sister. I breathe in slowly as I say that word to myself again. Sister. It feels so great to say that word. As the scrambled egg batter starts to boil rapidly I turn the burner down to a medium heat. Pushing back a lock of hair, I skip over to the freezer and grab a box of eggo waffles. Not exactly homemade, but they'll do. I'll have to ask mom later on if she'll teach me and Josie to make waffles ourselves, especially since Josie loves to cook. Closing the freezer door, I stare at a picture of us standing in front of our house. Our first family photo together in years. My eyes stray to the picture next to it; our first family photo ever. The same picture that mom showed me in the attic the day I found out that I had a long lost sister. It's the one with me as a baby and little two-year-old Josie. Smiling, I walk toward the toaster deep in thought. The recent memory of the doctors calling to confirm the DNA match overwhelms me. It was a relatively short phone call, but still it was the happiest moment of our lives. "˜Twas the moment when Audrey decided to come to America with us and live happily. After the first few days she even decided to start being called Josie rather than Audrey. All of us gladly accepted the change. Now her room is decorated, she got new clothes and a cell phone, and is now working on enrolling in community college. For the first two years she's going to be living here while learning. All of us are happy that she won't have to leave too soon, including Josie. I place the frozen waffles inside of the toaster and then go back to stir my eggs. The aroma hits my nose, tempting me to eat the whole pan myself. My stomach grumbles out an order for me to go to the refrigerator.
  3. "Come on, Jaslina. An apple won't kill you," I say to myself. Before I can take a single step toward the fridge, however, strong and muscled arms grab me from behind. Frightened, I give a bloodcurdling scream and start to kick. "Hoorah, I have trapped you!" At the sound of his voice my body goes limp with relief. "Ryan, never do that to me again." He puts me down and starts to laugh. "Jaslina, sugar cakes, this gives you one more reason to lock your door at night." Waiting for my heartbeat to slow down, I reply, "I'll keep that in mind." "Wonderful. You should." Now I'm laughing. "Ryan, did you just stop by to teach me a lesson in home security?" "Although it was fun scaring you, that's not my only reason for dropping in on you." He grabs a bright red apple from the bottom left crisper of the fridge and gives it to me before continuing. "I was hoping that we could spend the day together. Maybe go to an amusement park, see a movie, picnic on the beach...if that's okay with your parents..." "That sounds great!" I exclaim. "I'll go ask them right now!" "Great! I'll watch the scrambled eggs for you." At that I give him a warning glance. Chuckling, he says, "Relax. I won't eat them, I swear." I chuckle too. "Okay, I'll take your word for it. Of course, you'll have to give me some time to get ready, too." "It's okay. I was counting on it, sugar cakes. I mean, your Phineas and Ferb PJs are adorable, but I didn't think that you'd want to wear them out in public." I smile. "I'll be down in a few minutes."
  4. ***"Oh, Ryan, I'm so glad that I came with you." I cross my ankles and rest my head on his chest. As I do he rests his chin on my head and locks his wrists around my waist. The amusement park was fun even thought dad called every hour on the hour to check on us. I had a half mind to turn my phone off, but I don't have the heart. It still feels too great just having my dad back after all these years. Besides, it's actually kind of nice having a father that cares about me so much. "I'm glad that you came with me, too," Ryan replies. "How would it have felt missing this?" I follow Ryan's forefinger out toward the ocean, where the sun is setting; the sun is a glowing ball of fire about ready to dip beneath the horizon. It's magnificent to watch as it goes from bright yellow to flaming orange. As darkness comes you can see dark blue about ready to set in as well. Despite the fact that I've lived in California all my life this is the first I've ever seen an ocean sunset. Yet again, I'm really glad that it is. Otherwise enjoying this moment with Ryan would never be so memorable. "It's so beautiful, Ryan. Today has been so much fun. Thank you." "Hey, no need to thank me. Heck, after all we've been through, we deserve a day of fun." Just then his words hit me. Everything has been going so wonderfully for me recently I almost forgot about Sapphire. "Ryan, I'm so sorry about your sister. I know that I should've been there to console you more. It's just that with my dad and my sister I guess I"”" I'm cut off with a kiss. Even with the momentary shock I can't help but give in. There is nothing on Earth sweeter than a kiss from Ryan Caroga. As he strokes the back of my hair I lose myself in the kiss completely. Once we release one another's lips we look into each other's eyes. His hand is still stroking the back of my hair, and the pad of his thumb is caressing my cheek. Eventually he moves his hand so that it's gently cupping my chin.
  5. "Jaslina, you don't have to apologize for that. Everybody's upset about her death. If not about her death, about the sad life of a criminal she led." "I know, but you're my boyfriend. I still should've been there to comfort you." "No. That isn't your responsibility. It's time for us to move on. It's time for everyone to move on. Her death is a very tragic thing, but she brought it on herself. Only after thinking for hours on end did it occur to me that this had to happen eventually. Did any of us want it to? No. But did it? Yes." A tear starts to trail down my cheek. "Oh, Ryan, but did it have to happen this way? Wasn't there another option?" Ryan takes the pad of his thumb and wipes it away. "There was another option, but Sapphire never chose it. I guess not everybody chooses the right path." "True. Not everybody does. I only wish that they would." "Then I guess it's our job to witness to all of those that are still here." I grin. "You're right. Even though she's dead, Sapphire's story can be a powerful lesson to those that'll hear it. And so can yours." There is a long moment of silence before Ryan speaks.
  6. "Actually, it's not my story anymore. Or at least it's not mine alone." He has me confused. "What do you mean?" "It's our story Jaslina; mine and yours. Now that our summer horrors are over we can start anew. With your abilities and mine we can go to college. We can obtain skills. We can start a new life together." Quickly he adds, "While staying close to your family, of course." I almost choke on my spit. "Are you saying that"”" Suddenly, Ryan maneuvers so that he's down on one knee. "Yes I am!" "Right after high school?" "Yes! It can be the wedding of your dreams! It doesn't even have to be right after high school. It can be a year or two after we graduate. Just please say you'll be mine." I feel myself tearing up again. Only this time they're blissful tears. "Please, Jaslina. I know that this is awfully sudden, but it's what's in my heart. You have no idea how much I love you." When he says that I start crying totally and completely. He appears frightened as if he's done something wrong. "Jaslina, I'm sorry. I should've waited to ask you"”" That's when I jump into his arms and kiss him again. "No, Ryan, they're tears of joy! True, this is very sudden, but that doesn't change my answer. Yes, I will marry you." He kisses me back. "You have just made me the happiest man alive! The future looks bright, Jaslina." For once it feels like the worst part of the nightmare is finally over. It's sad the way it had to end for some people, but at least it has ended now. Ryan and I together, with God as our guide, can make it through any uncertainties in the future. For a young newly married couple there will be a lot of them. However, there isn't a single doubt in my mind that God will take us safely through. After all, he has before. With complete honesty, I respond, "It truly does look bright, Ryan. It truly does."
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I don't know what came over me. I was planning on waiting to ask Jaslina for her hand, but I guess I couldn't. No matter, it has turned out good anyway. Wonderfully, actually. Okay, I was wrong this morning. Now is the moment when I've never felt happier in my life. Even if we run into struggles together in the future I know we'll get through it. I love my God and I love Jaslina. Really, that's all I'll ever need.
  8. ~Epilogue~ Most nights I dream sweetly. So sweetly that sometimes they come back to me during the day and make me smile. Sometimes I smile for weeks afterwards because of those dreams. However, sometimes I dream nightmares. Sometimes I'm back in Saudi Arabia or in Baghdad running from the White-dressed Woman and Sapphire. Sometimes I'm back in Ireland or under Purple Mountain hoping and praying for my safety and also terrified that Sapphire will find me. That's when I wake up the fastest. I wake up and realize that Sapphire, the White-dressed Woman and Landon all died years ago. Sapphire died in the car accident, the White-dressed Woman by lethal injection, and Landon shortly after he was transferred by helicopter to an American hospital. Although, not all of the realizations I make when I wake up are bad. I get to wake up to see my wedding ring on the bedside table and know that I've been married for twelve years. I get to see Ryan asleep next to me; until he sits up and realizes that I'm awake, that is. Darn, the man is a light sleeper! A lot of times I don't even wake up completely. Sometimes I just feel my round, plump, tummy and try to see if I can find out where my soon-to-be-son's feet are. Of course, that doesn't take too long. When he kicks I know exactly where they are. His kicks are so sweet! Then there are those very rare nights when I climb out of bed and risk waking Ryan. Tonight is one of those nights. I tiptoe down the hallway of our cute little house until I reach the kitchen. Having memorized our home from top to bottom, I manage to grab a cup from the high cupboard and pour myself a glass of water in total darkness. Once I have my water I tiptoe back up the hallway and past mine and Ryan's room until I reach the room I'm looking for. The adorable bedroom with clouds painted on the walls and with the adorable star-shaped nightlight.
  9. As quietly as possible, I walk across the bedroom and sit in the window seat. In one bed, the bed with the pink and white comforter, sleeps my seven-year-old daughter. Her chest rises and falls with each breath, and her long, dark, lashes sweep across her cheeks. Occasionally a thick strand of black hair falls in her face and I gently brush it away. It makes my heart swell to see how much she looks like Ryan. My three-year-old son, however, took on my blue eyes and blonde hair and even has my nose. I slide to the other end of the window seat so I can take a peek at him, too. Suddenly, my baby kicks again, almost making me drop my glass. Wow, he is certainly active at night. "Ah, if it isn't my long lost wife." I look up at Ryan who is standing in the doorway. "Oh, Ryan, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." He makes his way toward me and takes a seat on my left side. "It's fine. I probably would've woken up even if you hadn't. I guess I should've mentioned some years earlier that you were marrying and insomniac." "Oh, Ryan, you aren't an insomniac. If anything, I've been the one waking you up." He gives me a peck on the cheek. "It isn't you, sugar cakes. In all honesty, I'm too excited to sleep. I keep thinking about Sunday." I smile. All of these years and he's never stopped calling me sugar cakes. "You should be excited. You were asked to be a guest speaker back at my home church. I know how you love telling our story." "Not only that, but it'll be nice seeing Josie, her husband, and the kids. Plus, Rayla, Jay and their daughters are flying in so that's a bonus." I laugh. "You know, its funny how you always manage to leave out Tammy, her husband, and their kids." "Yeah. It's darn funny," he says sarcastically. "Oh, don't be so sour. Can't you suffer through one weekend with Tammy?" "Yes. I'll do it for you." I take a gulp of my water while Ryan says, "I know it's been eight years, but I still can't believe that Rayla and Jay got married." I laugh. "I can't believe it either. Who knew that those two would end up going to the same collage, and then dating, and now married with two daughters?" "Meh, I can believe it. I just can't believe that Tammy actually found someone." I slap him on the arm. "Be nice, Ryan." "Okay, sugar cakes. You know I will." Suddenly, our daughter stirs.
  10. "Mama? Daddy?" Ryan and I exchange glances. "Sorry, honey, we didn't mean to wake you," I walk over and give her a kiss. "Go back to sleep, Audrey. We have an early morning." "Will I get to play with Jaclyn and Rynessa after we get to grandma and grandpas?" "Of course. Now go back to sleep. You don't want to be tired in the morning." "Okay. Can I say goodnight the baby?" Ryan and I always grin broadly when Audrey and Landon ask to talk to their unborn baby brother. "Sure, sweetie." She gets up and kneels in so she can give my stomach a kiss. "Goodnight baby. I love you." Right then the little guy chooses to kick yet again. Suddenly Audrey reels backward. "Your tummy moved!" Ryan and I laugh. "That means he loves you too." Ryan gives her a hug, a peck on the cheek, and says his goodnights to her. "Come on, Jas. We'd better go back to our room before we wake little Landon, too." Once we're in the hallway Ryan makes sure to guide me carefully to our room. "That's it, Jaslina. Right foot first... Don't trip." I chuckle. "Sure. I'll be extra careful so that I don't trip over any dust bunnies." "Don't get sarcastic with me, young missy." "I'm not that young, Ryan. I'm thirty-one." "Yeah, and I'm thirty-two. I'm older so therefore I get to call you that. Besides, you need to be careful. There's precious cargo inside of you."
  11. I slap him playfully across the shoulder. "Ryan, I'm not a gravely ill old woman. I'm just pregnant. I can walk by myself." "Not in the dark. There could be dozens of dangers lurking around every corner..." he teases. Struggling to stay quiet, I burst into laughter. "Relax. Audrey and Landon turned out fine and so will this one. I haven't taken a severe fall on my stomach yet, and I'm not about to start now." Finally we get to our room and manage to climb back into bed. "If Audrey and Landon are still awake I blame you," I joke. "Me? How would this be my fault?" "You heard yourself. In our hallway there could be danger lurking around every corner." He laughs and kisses me on the cheek. Afterwards he rubs my belly and gives it a kiss as well. "Goodnight, sugar cakes. And goodnight, fetus. I love you." "Fetus? Why not call him son? Or how about baby?" He laughs some more. "Why don't we just go to sleep already? We can discuss alternatives to the word fetus in the morning." "Alright, fine. Goodnight, Ryan." Before I close my eyes I can see Ryan's deep brown eyes glowing softly. "Oh, and Jaslina, don't worry about the nightmares anymore tonight. I promise that I will hug them away for you if I can."

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