Shadows Of Love Part 6 FINALE

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Finally, here is the Shadows Of Love series FINALE!!! First make your prediction......okay, got it? How do you think the story ends? Do Laura and Chris get their happily ever after?

I hope you enjoy the ending to this series! Please leave a comment; did you like the ending? The series? Should I make an epilogue? Another series? Please rate as well!

Created by: UnLoving
  1. The pain lasted longer than I wanted it to. Megan could do absolutely nothing, as she was a ghostly form. All she could do was watch me suffer, wishing she could pull the knife from my heart.
  2. I should've listened. She said I needed to get out of there. I needed to get out and never come back. She said she was his ex.
  3. He came into the room, then. Megan faded away as he approached. "Laura," he said. "please don't be scared. "I love you. I want us to be together. If you really love me, you'll ignore this shadow that hangs over our love."
  4. I shook my head, eyes widening. I could feel Megan's eyes on me warningly. I had explained everything to her, everything
  5. I wanted to scream at him, tell him that he was a murderer. But out of fear, I simply said "It's over, Chris." I had turned to leave, but was caught by the wrist.
  6. I had told Megan about all of my suspicions, the photo, the cat, and the dead body. She wrinkled her eyebrows. "Chris doesn't have a cat," she said. "He never did."
  7. His eyes stared me down, intensely. "I know it's hard, Laura. But forgive me." His eyes were turning cold, the opposite of his loving words.
  8. "Chris, I thought I could trust you. I thought I knew you. Obviously not." I began to wonder if my online dating profile was such a good idea.
  9. "You'll regret this." My stomache flipped at his words. Why had I even come here? Even though I could no longer see Megan, I could feel her words in the back of my mind: Leave now. "Goodbye, Chris."
  10. Those were my last words, words I wish I would've said so much sooner.

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