Should you kiss them?

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You're wondering whether to kiss someone? Well this is the quiz for you! This quiz tests you for a healthy relationship, ability to keep the relationship post-kiss, and your readiness to kiss them.

Is your relationship ready for this kiss? How ready are you for a kiss? Do they want a kiss? Do you want to be kissed by them? Do you want to share a kiss? Are you mature enough to kiss someone? The higher the score, the more ready you are to kiss someone.

Created by: WolfQueen
  1. Do you know them?
  2. Do you know them well? Like, do you trust them?
  3. Would you be able to keep a good relationship with them if you kissed them?
  4. Do you trust them?
  5. Do you want to kiss them?
  6. If you asked to kiss them, do you think they'd say yes? Would it be an enthusiastic yes?
  7. If they asked to kiss you, would you enthusiastically answer yes?
  8. Have you ever seen them glancing at your lips? Leaning toward you? Touching your arm?
  9. Are you dating or in a close friendship?
  10. How likely are you to be able to keep the relationship if it doesn't work out?
  11. Kisses are special things. Do you truly think this person is who you want to share a kiss with?
  12. Let's say this person comes closer, obviously about to kiss you. Are you more likely to…
  13. Are you doing this because…
  14. Is this person special to you?
  15. Another person who's cute comes along, and they're cuter than the person you're with right now (the them of this quiz). Would you…
  16. You want to…
  17. Does this person have good hygiene: brushing their teeth, taking showers, cleaning their house, etc.?
  18. Do you genuinely want to kiss them? Imagine missing them. Does it sound pleasant?
  19. Imagine this: Your parent or guardian walks in and sees you two kissing. Are they mad or disappointed?
  20. Do you feel safe kissing or imagining kissing them?
  21. Do you like touch from them?
  22. Do you feel ready to kiss someone? Or does it sound too weird or uncomfortable?
  23. How old are you? Age isn't an exact indicator of whether to kiss someone, but it's an important thing to note.
  24. I know I've asked this several times, but are you comfortable with them?
  25. Do they make you feel safe?
  26. Now about them; Do you let them feel safe? If needed, ask them or judge from their behavior around you. Do they act calm around you?
  27. Do they do things like lean closer to you, look at your lips, touch your arm, or blush around you?
  28. Do they seem like they'd answer an enthusiastic yes when you ask whether you may kiss them?
  29. Do they like to be around you?
  30. Are you relaxed around them and they around you?

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