When Will Your First Kiss Be!

Do you wanna know when your first kiss is bound to happen? This test will explain due to the small details from your cute moments with that special someone!

Take this quiz. It is surprisingly accurate. The cutest questions will make your heart flutter with joy! (Excuse me for my poor grammar and spelling..)

Created by: Madilyn Skinner
  1. Do you have a crush?
  2. How often do you and your crush talk?
  3. Have they ever asked you to hangout with them and their friends?
  4. How old are you and your crush?
  5. Have they ever touched your arm I a conversation (even just playfully)
  6. What type of kiss do you want?
  7. Have you and your crush just looked at each other and shared a "moment"
  8. Have they ever held you (piggy back ride, cradle, etc)
  9. Have they ever invited you to a place (just you and them?)
  10. What's your favorite party game?
  11. Has your crush ever done the triangle affect to you? (they look at left eye, then lips, then right eye)
  12. Do you have your crushes number?

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Quiz topic: When will Ir First Kiss Be!