What does your lip imprint say about you?

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Did you know that you pout reveals a lot about your personality? In honor of the launch of our new Gloss Sticks from Beauty by Aloette we have a contest going all this month: Read my Lips!

What is your lip imprint result? Take the quiz and "kiss" a piece of paper with one of our Gloss Sticks to see your lip imprint. Take a picture and post on Aloette's Facebook wall by midnight on June 30th, with a description of your results. Ten will win all four Gloss Sticks!

Created by: Aloette Cosmetics
  1. What is your idea of a perfect date night?
  2. What celebrity style do you live by?
  3. What summer 2013 movie are you most excited to see?
  4. What Theme Show would you most love to do from Aloette? (Check out our Show Look Pinterest Board to see our Theme Shows!)
  5. It's Saturday morning--what are you doing?
  6. What pair of shoes can you not live without?
  7. What's your go-to eyeshadow look
  8. Now, let's get to the Gloss Sticks. Which color are you using to take your lip imprint?
  9. Go ahead and take your lip imprint. What best describes the shape of your lips?
  10. Take one last look at your lip imprint. What best describes the space between your upper and lower lips?

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Quiz topic: What does my lip imprint say about you?