Shomrei Adamah - Guarding Our World

At this time of year we read the Book of Genesis including the creation of the world. We are commanded to be guardians of God's creation. This self-assessment survey was created by C.O.E.J.L. (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Living) and revised for Gates of Prayer by the Gates of Prayer Green Task Force.

This quiz will allow you to examine how to make necessary changes to reduce your carbon imprint. As you complete the survey mark the answer that best firs your environmental behavior. Answers usually begin with the most environmentally friendly response to the least.

Created by: dbassham
  1. I get to work or school by
  2. I drive in a car
  3. I drive
  4. I usually eat
  5. I usually eat
  6. I conserve paper by
  7. My baby uses
  8. I am politically involved in helping the environment by
  9. I save electricity that goes towards lighting by
  10. On Tu B'shvat I

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