How well do you know Badger Clark?

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There are many poets in the history of the world, some of them are unknown or uncredited for their poems. One of the more famous ones that came out of the Old West was A Cowboy's Prayer.

A Cowboy's Prayer was written by a guy named Badger Clark. How much do you about the Cowboy Poet? His life and his works? Take this quiz to find out what you know.

Created by: Archer
  1. Where and when was Badger Clark born?
  2. What was the job of Badger Clark's father?
  3. Where did Badger Clark move to when he was a baby?
  4. Where did Badger Clark discover a love of all things frontier after spending 6 adventurous years there?
  5. What was his most famous poem A Cowboy's Prayer originally a letter to?
  6. what did Badger Clark choose for his career?
  7. what ended Badger Clark's ranching days and brought him back to South Dakota?
  8. what is the name of his house and in which national or state park is it located?
  9. what was his job after he was a rancher?
  10. what was Badger Clark's full name?
  11. when did he die?
  12. How does Badger Clark's poem A Cowboy's Prayer start?
  13. is the Badger Hole a historical landmark?
  14. what two things had his adventures in the Old West taught him?
  15. what tamed wild animal did Badger Clark care for?
  16. how many volumes of poetry did he publish?
  17. how many of those volumes of poetry were published after his death?
  18. was the Badger Hole left the exact same as when Badger left it?
  19. what was Badger Clark's most lasting influence?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Badger Clark?