Poems by me 2

Please take my quiz. I know its not all great and i dont care if you like them or not. anyway i just want to share some of poems,thats all! :D

Remeber though,i did spend some time making all these poems. they were not just something i slapped toghter in a snap so take that in consideration.

Created by: SilverTree

  1. they say it fills me up they say it make me warm the only thing is where to find it? people say its always there others say its never there what to do? what to say? if only they told me yesterday i would have a plan and this world ould not be so confusing but is this wispy warm stuff real? some say no but most say yes will i be with the some? or will i be with the others? why does this stuff grow? why does everyone try to grasp for it? why do people always write about it? is it real? is it fake? in short i say one more thing what is love?
  2. everytime i sigh i wonder how would i be without light? i would have no love no one to hug no one to burst into tears i want to die sometimes but im always to afraid i want some real help no a faker what would happen to me?
  3. im already in tears about to rip myself to shreds others say im so lucky when im not i know others have pain but they should know i have it bad too they hate me and call me annoying i know i have my faults but so do they what do i have to do for praise?
  4. It fills every hole it fills every crack it makes me shake it hits me like a bat i never want to see it yet it welcomes me with open arms should i trust? should i stay? but no, i always run away maybe it is not so bad yet it makes me afraid i have seen it happen before i have heard it happen before i clutch my heart everyday just to feel the pumping blood i feel like a chained dove wainting to go back home yet my owner is feeling hungry and im the main course
  5. Words on a paper millions of fakers tons of lies many things pass before my eyes every night they are afraid to close like when there is nothing to show i wish with all my heart that i could sing like a lark
  6. The waves lap at the shore i feel desprate to the core to come back to my home instead of being trapped in a cone the kind call out to me saying they hold the key i climb the higest moutain pass the widest desert just to seek who holds me close to thier heart
  7. He is there she is there they are all there my eyes are brimming with tears of joy i run towards them when i touch them they are no longer there they are nothing but air my only escape is in the words in the only place i think is safe my crazy mind
  8. i trip i fall yet i still manage to get back up i never stay down just so you know theis is my home
  9. as i hide in the shadows they think im out in the light as i sit and cry they think i am laughing bright so many things i am so many things they see who is me?
  10. they like me,we laugh they hate me,we glare they love me,we hug how many people do i like,love,and hate everynight?

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