My poems, by sweetie

These are my poems, I hope you like them. And please don't criticize me in the comments or rating. But anyway, I hope you like these poems, there not my best, but I tried my best.

Okay, so this may not be all poems, and I got SUPER bored in this, so I'm afraid you will to, it's okay if you do get bored, just don't say it in the comments.

Created by: Sweetie

  1. Okay, so here's my first poem: flower dance, dance for me and everyone, share your talents and wonders. Flower sing,sing for me and everyone, share you beautiful voice. Flower dance, dance for me and everyone, show the world your gifted. Flower sing, sing for me and everyone, tell the world your story.
  2. Now my second: you are beautiful, don't say you're Not. Say whatever you want. Say everything, but Not. Like you're Not.... I won't even say, for you would be sad, why even anyone is sad? That my question, please someone answer, for I wish no one is sad, especially you, you are beautiful, don't say you're Not. Say whatever you want. Say everything but Not.
  3. I am me, don't copy. You are you, I won't copy. I wear what I like, you wear what you like, we won't copy, right?
  4. Hi. Hello. Hi I'm you. Hello I'm you. Hi. Hello.
  5. That last one wasn't a poem. I was just getting bored.
  6. Let the sad day begin. Let the happy day end. Let the happy day begin. Let the sad day end......... I'm bored again
  7. I'm invisible
  8. Pranks giving!
  9. Okay, I have a poem! Wait, no I don't, okay I have officially lost it
  10. Hi, no wait, bye!

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